About The Young India Fellowship(YIF)

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) seeks to select 50 exceptional students from around India in a one-year residential postgraduate programme to be offered in our nation’s capital, Delhi. The YIF is a fully funded programme that aims to groom young women and men who will lead India through the 21st century. The programme is designed and delivered in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania’ s School of Engineering and Applied Science. Through its faculty, teaching systems and design, the programme offers a combination of a wide-ranging exposure to diversity, practical experience and exposure to practitioners, classes by pre-eminent scholars and those who have ‘ made a difference’ – somewhere to something and someone – and mentoring by inspiring role models who bring it all together.

Eligibility :

The YIF programme is open to:

• All Indian nationals
• Students who are in the final year of their undergraduate degree
• Students who are in the final year of a postgraduate programme provided that they enrolled in the programme immediately after completing their undergraduate degree
• Graduates who have worked for not more than two years
• Applicants from all disciplines, regardless of their area of specialisation at the undergraduate level. Applicants from all languages of undergraduate instruction (English, Hindi, regional language) who have proficiency in reading, writing and speaking English .

Some of the highlights of the programme are as follows:

* Conceived and supported by inspiring role models; individuals who display the rare combination of professional success with personal credibility and intellectual thought leadership

* Designed as a programme that offers an opportunity to ‘ experience a difference’ followed by an opportunity to ‘ make a difference’ .

* A globally unrivalled curriculum for the YIF, which brings together a multidisciplinary set of core, perspective-building and capability-building courses, well beyond the norm of existing educational programmes

* A faculty consisting of the world’ s leading scholars, who are universally lauded for their inspirational teaching. The uniqueness offered by a diverse array of the best and brightest teachers under one roof over the course of a single year

* The first Ivy League university tie-up for any programme in India. (The YIF is in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’ s School of Engineering and Applied Science)

* Support and opportunities for Fellows extend beyond the completion of the programme. YIFs will receive lifelong mentoring and advice from leaders they choose in their area of interest

* Being a fully funded programme, no financial constraints limit applicants. With the tuition, board and lodging taken care of, all the applicants need to bring to the programme are their abilities and the desire to make a lasting impact.

Students can apply for the scholarship online or alternately can also download the application form. To know more about selection criteria, curriculum, faculty, mentors and application instructions please visit the following web site: www.youngindiafellowship.com

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