Nanomaterials, Semiconductors, High Energy Detector Materials, Polymers, Thin Films, Smart Materials, Non-Linear Optical materials, etc collectively referred to as advanced materials find applications in frontier areas of Science and Technology. Applications of such advanced materials include high-speed integration devices, quasi-phase matching devices, high reliability electronic applications, environment friendly lighting systems, etc. The demand for such special materials increases day by day. In view of the increasing global research in the area of advanced materials, this International Conference is being organized by the department of Physics, Loyola College, Chennai. The conference will provide an opportunity for scientists, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and students to interact with one another on the current developments and future trends in the multi-disciplinary area of advanced materials. 
Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
Thin films and Sensors
Ceramic materials
Semiconducting materials
Crystalline materials
Ferroic materials
Smart materials
Materials for energy and environment
Polymer materials 

Convenor – ICAM 2012
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