Government of India
Ministry of Earth Sciences
Earth System Sciences Organization (ESSO)
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)

Centre for Advanced Training in
                     Earth System Sciences and Climate


FOR M.Sc / B.Tech / M.Tech / MS GRADUATES
(Admissions for the 2012-13 batch)

The Centre for Advanced Training in Earth System Sciences and Climate (CAT-
ESSC) announces admission to the second batch of scientist trainees. The training program is extremely challenging in view of the projected climate change scenario and its implications on the economy and environment. The main objective of the Centre is to create a large pool of trained and dedicated multidisciplinary climate and earth system scientists with in depth hands on expertise on individual physical processes of the land, ocean, atmosphere, biosphere and cryosphere with special emphasis on climate modeling. The aim is to go beyond the conventional training on individual systems and address weather and climate as processes arising from interactions between the above component systems. Hence for the motivated candidates, the training will offer considerable scope to realize their full potential in this highly challenging field. Meritorious candidates with M.Sc / B.Tech / M.Tech / MS degree with outstanding academic background throughout and with a high rank in the CSIR-NET or IIT-GATE examination will be recruited, provided induction training extending to 18 months and on successful completion will be placed in the constituent institutes of the Earth System Sciences Organization (ESSO) of the Ministry of Earth Sciences ( as Scientists. The recruitees are expected to pursue Ph.D after placement. The program will be carried out at IITM and a new campus with self contained facilities for training and research is being developed in Pune.
IITM, which is an autonomous institution (, is
committed to develop world class research expertise for understanding and
exploring unresolved scientific issues in climate science. A Centre for Climate
Change Research (CCCR) has been established at IITM to address all science
issues related to climate change and Indian monsoon. To cater to the modeling
needs, a High Performance Computer (HPC) has been set up with peak
performance of 70 TF which is being gradually upgraded.

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