Science @ mobile is an innovative scheme of popularising science through mobile devices jointly introduced by the IGNOU and Vigyan Prasar. The services provided by the science@mobile one free of cost to all the users. Interested people can to subscribe free of cost for mobile content on science and related areas including Science News, Important Days and Events, Science facts, Science Humor, Science Quotes, About Scientists, Health Tips, Green Tips.

The basic objective of this scheme is to exploit the potential of mobile phones for science popularisation in the society so as to create interest among the people towards science. Because of its user friendly features, decreasing cost and added values, the mobile phone has penetrated into the remotest part of the country. Today, it is not just a means of communication, but it is proving to be an effective tool of teaching-learning all over the world. Science@mobile has tried to exploit this potential of the mobile phones of inculcating scientific temper in the society.
One of the important features of the scheme is that there is no fee for subscribing science sms and also that the users can select the type of content and frequency to receive sms on their mobile as per their choice and interest.
The target group of the scheme Science@Mobile includes all the educated and uneducated people including homemakers and children. However, the content is grouped for three categories of people. First category includes the less educated common man who needs basic scientific literacy. The second category includes the educated people having no science background whereas the third category belongs to the educated people having science background. Subscribers are given option to select the type of information they would like to receive through mobile service. 
You can get such intresting and informative science updates daily or weekly on your mobile free of any charges.  Please Regiter Free.

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