RGNIYD announcement of Rajiv Gandhi Youth Leadership Internship Programme (RGYLIP) 2012 (Summer) (01st June 2012 – 30th June 2012)

The Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), the premier national training institute for the youth, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports,Government of India and a deemed university exclusively focuses on holistic development of youth of the country through an array of training and innovative  post-graduate programmes.  Since India  by virtue of its burgeoning youth population,  is in the process of reaping the benefits of the demographic dividend, the RGNIYD in consonance with its agenda of youth development strives to facilitate the same.
As part of its consistent pursuance of the goal of youth empowerment the RGNIYD is organising an internship programme ‘Rajiv Gandhi Youth Leadership Internship Programme (RGYLIP)’ for the first time.  The internship endeavors to expose the youth to a range of branches of knowledge, skills and field experiences and enable them to develop leadership qualities which would result in strengthening their commitment to the task of Nation building.  The programme is of one month duration (1st June to 30th June 2012).

Objectives of the Programme:
The internship aims :
  • To provide the interns with genuine social experience.
  • To expose them to the ground realities in the midst of the society.
  • To enable them to enhance their leadership potential
  • To connect them to the community processes and developmental issues
  • To provide them with critical insights on social issues like gender discrimination, education, unemployment etc.,
  • To provide suitable framework which would help the interns from diverse academic backgrounds to judiciously combine them theoretical knowledge and assignments
  • To provide inputs that make them feel that the internship is a life changing experience
  • To enable the interns to gain self awareness and self motivation
  • To enable them to develop professionalism and emerge as a good leader
Students pursuing post-graduate courses (regular mode) from all over the country are eligible for internship. Students who have passed out or completed Master’s degree are not eligible.
Students enrolled in technical courses like B.Sc (Agri), B.E, MBBS, 5 Years LLB and equivalent course can apply if they are in the fourth & fifth years of study.

Application Procedure:
The application has to be filled  and sent online along with the attachment of scanned copy of the endorsement of the same  by the Principal/Head of the institution.
Medium of instruction : English
Hospitality and Travel Grant
Local hospitality including boarding and lodging will be provided of by the RGNIYD.  The  internship is free of cost and the travel expenditure (IInd class sleeper or equivalent ) of the interns by shortest route will be reimbursed  on production of ticket.

The major criterion of selection will be based on the write up, ‘How am I eligible for the Youth Leadership Internship Programme?’ , by the prospective interns.  They will be awarded certificates on successful completion of the internship.

Sessions / Content Delivery 
The programme will offer a meticulously designed syllabi for training and lecture sessions. The subjects/ topics are in tune with the contemporary situation and based on informed research and  pressing youth concerns / problems. Youth issues are given paramount importance while selecting the topics and the knowledge acquired in these areas will expectedly contribute to the empowerment of youth.    Due care has been taken to judiciously combine, lecture, discussion and interactive methods for content delivery.  On completion of internship, the interns would be able to gain comprehensive knowledge and conceptual clarity about social issues, honing their skills, acquire new competencies and internalize a sense of empowerment.  The programme will help them enhance their leadership potential, realize their best selves and effect a strong connect between them and the larger society. The internship will be an educative as well as rewarding experience for the interns.

Sessions / Lectures will be in the following areas.

Youth Issues
  •   Youth Issues
  •   Youth Programmes
  •   Youth Policy
  •   Youth situation in various states
  •   Youth culture / media
  •   Sports and Health
  •   Food and Nutrition
  •   Adolescent Issues
  •   Employment
  •   Entreprenaurship
Environment and Society
  • Environment and Pollution
  • Water conservation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Urban Problems
  • Demography
  • Optimum Utilization of resource base.
  • Human Resource Development
  • Disaster management (Reports and statistics)

Gender Issues

  • Gender Inequality/ Discrimination
  • Gender issues
  • Women and Development

Polity and Economy

  • Constitution of India
  • Architects of Modern India
  • Citizenship
  • Panchayatiraj Institution
  • District Administration / Planning
  • Agriculture
  • Development Indicators
  • Economic reforms / industries
  • Human Rights / Child Rights / Geriatric Issues
  • Poverty/ Livelihood Issues

Social Exclusion / Inclusive Policy

  • Problems of SC/ST minorities / Ethnic Groups / Disadvantaged sections
  • Affirmative action
  • Reform Movements.
  • Human Development Reports


  • Globalisation
  • Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and Status of India
  • Models of Development
  • Education and Society
  • Cultural Heritage / monuments


  • Project Planning
  • Communication / Learning skills
  • Social skills / Life skills
  • Personality Development
  • Employment / Livelihood
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Counseling
  • Career Planning
  • Community organization
  • Participatory Planning
  • Working with Groups.

Rules and Regulations

  • The interns have to  register themselves on the date of arrival at the RGNIYD at Sriperumbudur.
  • They will have to attend/participate in all the sessions/programmes/activities  regularly without break.
  • Leave is not  allowed.
  • Discontinuation will lead to remittance of the amount spent on the intern till the date of leaving.
  • The selected interns should bring all the testimonial like  attested photo copies of mark sheets, certificates .

Facilities and extra-curricular activities:
The institute has good facilities and hence the stay of the interns will be made as comfortable as possible . The interns will have to participate in games and sports compulsorily .  They will be given free access to library facilities and computer network.

  • Final list will be displayed in the website and intimated to the selected interns by email. 
  • Selected interns should bring two passport size photographs.
  • The interns will not be allowed to keep their friends and relatives beyond 1.06.2012.  Parents/Guardians who accompany the interns to Sriperumbudur will have to leave by the evening of 1.06.2012.
  • Hospitality extended to them shall be charged. 

For all details you may contact:
Dr. K. Sekhar
RGYLIP Co-ordinator
Faculty Head
SHANU Division
Mobile: 8015392816  Landline: 044-27163860
email id: sekharjvbc@gmail.com

Important dates:

Last Date for receipt of application 18 May 2012
Intimation to the selected interns through phone and email By 21 May 2012
Date of reporting 31 May 2012 or 01 June 2012 before 8 a.m.
Registration and Inauguration 01 June 2012
Valediction 30 June 2012

Features of the internship

  • Classroom sessions and tutorials
  • Personality development programme
  • Syndicate group work
  • Project work (individual & group)
  • Book review
  • Group Discussion
  • Film appreciation (youth related issues)
  • Field visits to village panchayats /Industries.
  • Visit to the places of historical/cultural importance.
  • Shramdan and voluntary work
  • Sensitization on social issues/ visits to slums, tribal villages, old age homes and  juvenile homes etc.
  • Presentation on state of youth of different states
  • Cultural performances

Note :

  • The Application has to be filled and sent online and the attachment of scanned copy of the endorsement of the same by the principal / Head of the Institution should be sent through E-mail. The E-mail ID is  rgylip2012@gmail.com . A copy of the filled in online application  duly attested by the principal / HOD should also be submitted at the time of registration at the RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur, Chennai.
  • Student Pursuing Course through Distance Mode are not eligible for Internship Programme.

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