1) The results are provisional and subject to fulfillment of eligibility conditions prescribed in the prospectus.  The interse ranking of the candidates who have got the same marks has been decided based on the criteria given in the prospectus. Even after this, still a few candidates are tied with others.  In such cases the final interse ranking among the tied candidates will be decided based on the marks in the qualifying examination.

2) Selected and wait listed candidates will be getting the admission letters from respective HODs. Even if there is a postal delay, the selected candidates who possess the prescribed qualifications are required to report to the HODs on prescribed day based on the results notified in the web-site with all marks statement of 12th / UG / PG degree, Provisional Degree Certificate, Nativity Certificate, Income Certificate, Caste / Community Certificate, 3 passport photographs, soft copy of passport size photograph in CD (for library & ID card) and prescribed fees. For further enquiries, candidates may contact the Head of the concerned Department.
3) Candidates whose final exam results have not yet been declared, may also report for admission with all the available certificates & mark statements. They may be considered for admission, on provisional basis, subject to production of final mark list & provisional certificates on or before 1st September 2012.
4) Course wise schedule of admission for different PG Courses is given in Annexure.
5) Selected candidates are advised to report to the Head of concerned Department for admission on the prescribed date by 10.00 a.m as per admission schedule, along with the call letter, original certificates and required fee amount (including the Hostel fee, wherever required).
6) Details of unfilled vacancies, if any, will be notified in the University website by 7th July 2012. The candidates in Wait list I may report to the Head of concerned Department for admission, against unfilled vacancies, if any, as per the order of merit in the waitlist, from 9th July 2012 onwards at 10.00 AM as per the schedule given in Annexure.  Left over vacancies, if any, will be notified in the web-site by on or before 13th July 2012 and candidates from Wait list II will be considered for admission on 20th July 2012.
7) The overall merit list of Ph.D candidates along with Select list & Wait List is available in the web-site for information of the applicants. The admission for Ph.D programmes of Select list candidates will be held in the respective Departments on 23rd July 2012. Vacancies, if any, will be notified on 25th July 2012 in the web-site. The wait listed candidate will be admitted on 30th July 2012 against the notified vacancies in the order of merit. The students who have applied and got selected for more than one Ph.D. programme should come prepared for staying one more day.
8) Admission of candidates under different categories is subject to the production of caste/community/ nativity certificates, wherever applicable. Candidates (including BC/MBC) selected under OBC quota will be given admission only on the production of Non-Creamy Layer OBC Certificate issued by the competent authority.
9) Regular classes for first P.G. Courses will commence on 11th July 2012.
10) The allocation of the institution in respect of the M.Sc. Computational Biology, M.Sc (Medical Anatomy), M.Sc (Medical Biochemistry) M.Sc (Medical Microbiology) M.Sc (Medical Pharmacology) and M.Sc (Medical Physiology) will be decided through separate counseling to decide the choice of the Institution. The intimation in this regard will be notified in the web-site shortly.
11) In respect of M.P.Ed., course, the select and wait list will be released after the Physical fitness and games proficiency tests. This list is likely to be released by 18/06/2012.
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Selection and Waiting List for Ph.D courses

101 Ph.D. Anthropology
102 Ph.D.Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
103 Ph.D.Biotechnology
104 Ph.D.Bioinformatics
105 Ph.D.Commerce
106 Ph.D.Computer Science & Engineering
107 Ph.D.Chemistry
108 Ph.D.Economics
109 Ph.D.English
110 Ph.D.Earth Sciences
111 Ph.D.Ecology & Environmental Sciences / Ecology
112 Ph.D.Environmental Technology
113 Ph.D.French
114 Ph.D.History
115 Ph.D.Hindi
116 Ph.D.Politics & International Studies
117 Ph.D.Management
118 Ph.D.Mathematics
119 Ph.D.Marine Biology
120 Ph.D.Philosophy
121 Ph.D.Physical Education & Sports
122 Ph.D.Physics
123 Ph.D.Sanskrit
125 Ph.D.Tamil
126 Ph.D.Women’s Studies
140 Ph.D.Drama & Theatre Arts
142 Ph.D.Tourism Studies
143 Ph.D.Asian Christian Studies
145 Ph.D.International Business
146 Ph.D.Banking Technology
147 Ph.D. Disaster Management
149 Ph.D.Statistics
151 Ph.D.Education
152 Ph.D.Food Science & Nutrition
153 Ph.D.Social Work
156 Ph.D.Library & Information Sciences
157 Ph.D.Applied Psychology
158 Ph.D.Food Science & Technology
159 Ph.D.Green Energy Technology
160 Ph.D.Nano Science & Technology
166 Ph.D Electronics Engineering
167 Ph.D. Adult and Continuing Education

Selection and Waiting List (I & II) for PG courses:

303 M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
304 M.Tech. (Electronics)
305 M.Tech. (Nano Sciences & Technology)
306 M.Tech. (Exploration Geo-Sciences)
307 M.Tech (Green Energy Technology)
308 M.Sc. Microbiology
309 M.Sc. Five Year Integrated Programme (Economics)
310 M.Sc (Computational Biology)
311 M.Com (Accounting & Taxation)
312 LLM (Corporate Law)
313 M.Sc., (Astro Physics)
315 M.A. Five Year Integrated Programme (Histroy, Political Science & Sociology)
350 M.A. (Applied Economics)
351 M.Com (Business Finance)
352 MCA (Master of Computer Applications)
356 M.A. (English & Comparative Literature)
357 M.A. French (Translation & Interpretation)
358 M.A. (Hindi)
359 M.A. (History)
362 M.A. (Politics & International Relations)
364 M.A. (Sociology)
366 M.A. (Tamil)
367 M.Sc. (Applied Geology)
368 M.Sc. (Bio Chemistry & Molecular Biology)
369 M.Sc. (Chemical Sciences)
370 M.Sc. (Computer Science)
371 M.Sc. (Ecology & Environmental Sciences)
372 M.Sc. (Mathematics)
373 M.Sc. (Marine Biology)
374 M.Sc. (Physics)
375 M.Sc. (Statistics)
376 M.Tech. (Comp. Science & Engineering)
378 M.Sc. (Bioinformatics)
379 M.Sc. (Disaster Management)
380 M.Sc. Five Year Integrated Programme (Applied Geology, Chemistry & Physics)
381 MBA (Banking Technology)
382 MBA (International Business)
383 MBA (Tourism)
384 M.Sc. Five Year Integrated Programme (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
385 M.A. (South Asian Studies)
386 M.A. (Mass Communication)
387 M.Sc., (Electronic Media)
388 M.Sc., (Applied Psychology)
389 M.Sc., (Food Science and Nutrition)
390 M.L.I.S. (Master of Library & Information Science)
391 M.S.W. (Master of Social Work)
392 M.Ed. (Master of Education)
393 M.Tech., (Environmental Engineering & Management)
394 M.Tech., (Network & Internet Engineering)
395 MBA (Insurance)
396 M.Sc. (Food Science & Technology)
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Selection list & Waiting List
Selection list & Waiting List ( I & II)

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