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1. Who was the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest? Answer: Bachendri Pal. She achieved this feat on 23rd May 1984.

2. Which is the only planet not named after a god? Answer: Earth is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology. The name “Earth” is derived from both English and German words, ‘eor(th)e/ertha’ and ‘erde’, respectively, which mean ground.

3. What is the fastest bird in level flight? Answer: With a top speed of 389 kmph, peregrine falcon is the fastest living creature on Earth. It is a most common bird of prey that found in every continent except Antarctica. The adult peregrine falcon has long pointed wings with powerful muscles. It gives them exceptional speed in flight. The stiff feathers on their wings also avoid chances of drag by the wind.The peregrine falcons display a spectacular stoop while hunting. They dive upon small birds from high. Normally the strike from peregrine falcons can kill its prey in no time due to the astonishing speed of dive.

4. What is the longest TV ad? Answer: The longest TV commercial by duration is 14 hr, and was produced by Procter & Gamble (Brazil), promoting Old Spice Deodorant, and aired in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, on 8 December 2018. The TV commercial was broadcast on the TV channel Woohoo on 8 December from 6am to 8pm.

5. Who was the first Indian Prime Minister to lose in an election? Answer: Indira Gandhi. She was defeated by Raj Narain (Janata Party), in 1977 from Rai Bareli.

6. Who is the first woman to become a member of any legislature in India? Answer: Dr. Muthulaksmi Reddy. She was nominated by Sakthi Hari Haran to the Madras Legislature as a member of the legislative council in 1927 and became the first woman to be a member of any legislature in India. When she was elected as the deputy chairperson of the legislative council, she became the first woman in the world to become the vice president of a legislature. She was the prime mover behind the legislation that abolished the Devadasi system and played a keen role in raising the minimum marriage age for women in India.

7. Who is the first Indian athlete to win a medal in World Athletics Championship? Answer: Anju Bobby George made history when she won the bronze medal in long jump at the 2003 World Championships in Athletics in Paris. With this achievement, she became the first Indian athlete ever to win a medal in a World Championships in Athletics.

8. Who was the India’s first Grandmaster (GM) in Chess? Answer: Viswanathan Anand. He He became Grandmaster (GM) in 1988 at the age of eighteen.

9. Who presented First Budget of Independent India? Answer: The first Union Budget of Independent India was presented by then Finance Minister RK Shanmukham Chetty on November 26, 1947.

10. Do you know? Indian Standard Time(IST) is fixed on the mean time of 82 1/2degree(E) meridian which passes through near Allahabad. (IST=+5.30 Hrs GMT).

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