Education Portal is Started in September 2009, as a blog (Website: https://currentaffairsandexam.blogspot.com/) by ID. Aravinthan to provide a educational related information and notifications about various competitive & entrance exams, results, answer keys, admissions,  scholarships  & fellowships, seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ summer programmes, Scientific Job Alerts & Vacancies, post-docs and Current affairs to students and researchers. We used google’s free blogger platform for hosting the website & blogspot for domain. After 11 years of blogger’s service, now we moved our website with all the old posts to the  dedicated own domain (https://portal.e2a.co.in) to easily navigate and access the contents.  We fully revamped the website and make it fully responsive & user friendly for various type of devices like PC, tablet & mobile, powered by WordPress.

In the new website, you can get a wide spectrum of educational information starting from the Admissions to the top courses in top institutions, various scholarships and fellowships details for study, seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ summer programmes details to enrich your knowledge and skills in the domain,  various competitive & entrance exams & it’s results, answer key details to move forward and various Job Alerts, faculty recruitment & Scientific Jobs along with post-doctoral opportunities to your next level/ positions. In simple words, Education Portal is a hub of information.

We look forward your continuous support!

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ID. Aravinthan

Founder, Education Portal